Ordinal Theory Improvement Proposals

Proposals that adhere strongly to Ordinal Theory.

This is a collection of proposed improvements to Ordinal Theory.

Ordinal Theory Improvement Proposals, can also be appreviated to OIP.

Guidelines and boundaries

  1. Proposals MUST be fully compatible with original Ordinal Theory.

  2. Inscriptions MUST be on-chain, adhering to the standards of Ordinal Theory, which means that they MUST NOT be stored external off of Bitcoin blockchain.


Friends of OIPs


This initiative is initially proposed by the core developers of Sado Protocol – an open protocol and SDK for all things Ordinals. It is intended to be fully open and therefore allowing open contributions by all, for the benefits of making ordinals protocol more user and developer-friendly.

Pull requests, suggestions and discussions are greatly welcomed. Participate at the open repository at the GitHub repo

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